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MicroPerf Panels

ACGI MicroPerf panels blend the aesthetic qualities of wood with excellent acoustical performance. The panels provide sound absorption through a micro-perforated wood veneer that has the appearance of solid wood from a normal viewing distance.


  • Satisfies both acoustic and aesthetic requirements 
  • Perforations barely visible from a normal viewing distance
  • Useful for either wall or ceiling applications 
  • Provides sound absorption through micro-perforated wood veneer
  • Useful for either wall or ceiling applications
  • Different perforation patterns are available
  • Custom and standard sizes
  • Various suspension methods

Customize: This product can be manufactured with most commercially available veneer and treated with any standard, color-matched or custom finish. Contact us for details.


MicroPerf (MP)

MicroPerf features 0.5 mm perforations spaced 2mm O.C. vertically and horizontally to control sound wave absorption. Acoustic fabric is applied to the back of the panel. For greater NRC performance acoustic insulation can be added behind the panel.